4th of July Emoji 2018

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On July 4, the Americans celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. This day called Independence Day has become the national holiday of the United States. It is the occasion of many festivities throughout the country.聽 In聽1781, Massachusetts proclaimed the anniversary of the Unilateral Declaration of National Independence Day! But it was only in 1870 that the American Congress made it a public holiday. Since then, this anniversary has given rise throughout the country to fireworks and festivities of all kinds.

As a symbol of national sovereignty, Independence Day is celebrated with various patriotic events such as parades, flags, and fireworks all over the country. More than three million people gather to watch the fireworks display in New York Harbor, which is also broadcast on television.聽 In electronic communication era where we share our feeling for any/every moment with emojis & symbols. These emojis are a modern way of sharing one’s feeling/emotions.

Emojis are no longer the preserve of texting teens 鈥 instead, they have been embraced as a nuanced form of expression, and one which can cross language barriers. Even Hillary Clinton solicited feedback in the form of emojis, and has had notable use from celebrities and brands alongside everyone else.


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