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The fearful face emoji – a blue shaded face with round eyes, wide downturned gapping mouth and eyebrows – is used to express fear or shock. It expresses amazement, horror or disbelief. Scared Emoji can be utilized to say from “I had no idea about this!” to “That is unbelievably frightening!”


Fearful Face Emoji is mainly known as a Scared Emoji and also may be referenced as a Scared Face, Nervous Emoji, Scared Face Emoji, Terrified Face, or a Scary Emoji.


This icon depicts a blue-tinted face with white, hollowed out eyes, mouth agape, and two hands pressed against its cheeks, โ€œHome Aloneโ€ style. This emoji art could mean frightened, very shocked, or in disbelief. Screaming Emoji could be used upon hearing extremely shocking, or scary news, and is often used in multiple succession to emphasize the level of shock. This is a frequently used icon with mostly negative associations.

Face Screaming in Fear Emoji is mainly known as a Screaming Emoji and also may be referenced as a Scared Emoji, Scream Face, Horrified Face, Scared Face Emoji, or a Yelling Face.

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Fearful Face ?
Face Screaming In Fear ?


? Emoji Meaning

A face with wide open eyes and raised eyebrows. Appears to be shocked by a scary event.ย Fearful Faceย was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added toย Emojiย 1.0 in 2015.ย Knife Emoji Art Copy Paste

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